For perseverance in times of rejection

It's not easy, Lord, to follow after you. You take the hard road with joyous leaps and bounds. 

But I stumble over every stone and slip into every rut.
You calmly weather each storm and walk calmly thru the night. But I am buffeted by the winds and I always falter in darkness.
You always have the right answers, Lord, for those who confront you. But my tongue is thick and clumsy.
I cannot articulate what I feel or what they need to hear.
You have the wisdom and power to meet the needs of men around you.
But I am foolish and ineffective, and my friends turn away from me in disgust.
I have really tried to relate to the people about me. To reach out to them in real love and concern.
I have tried to share their sorrows and their joys.
I have shelved my own ambitions to respond to their needs.
But when I fail to produce for them what they want, or when I am limited by my humanity and incapacitated by my own personal problems,
they will have nothing to do with me.

I feel sometimes as I have been used only to be abused.
I am squeezed dry by my friends and then cast aside as if I was of no further value.
Yet I must continue to follow you, Lord.
It is hard path to walk and I am sure I will falter at times.
I desperately need an occasional oasis of rest along this journey through wind and sand.
I need desperately your touch of peace and love as I labor amidst the blood and tears of this distorted world of ours.
I am empty, Lord, help me to feel your fullness.
Grant me the grace and courage to be faithful to you in all my daily loving.

In Jesus name I pray,

Adapted from Psalm 35