For the sick

Dear Lord, you bore our sufferings and carried our sorrows in order to show us clearly the value of human weakness and patience.

I now turn to you to ask you to heal the soul and body of (Name).
I know, Lord, that sin tears away relationships between people and you.
But there is no illness and no wound that you cannot heal.
Come and touch (Name) where he/she is most wounded and afflicted.

I believe in your healing power and I trust and hope that you will hear my request for my sick brother/sister.
If it is your will, however, that (Name) should carry this cross of illness then I humbly pray that you give him/her the strength and perseverance to bear his/her cross with love.
Grant that he/she and all those who are now weighed down with pain and other afflictions may realize that they are among the chosen ones whom you called blessed.
Help them to understand that they are united with you in your sufferings for the salvation of the world.